Precision in Modular Design

Profilator 300-V

Profilator V-Type


  • Modular machine platform in a compact design for gear production
  • Maximum flexibility due to the modular design, configurable for a wide variety of machining processes (e.g. Scudding®, hobbing, pointing, cycloidal milling, chamfering and deburring)
  • State-of-the-art linear drives in the X and Y-Axis with torque-drive in the A-axis:
    – High machine dynamics for short cycle times
    – Highest levels of accuracy and low maintenance costs due to backlash-free and wear-free linear drives
    – High machine rigidity for HARD SCUDDING® application
  • Optional tool changer for maximum machining flexibility
  • User friendly interface for easy setup and programming
  • Industry 4.0 capable, expandable with additional sensors for machine monitoring
  • Multiple automation concepts available
  • Easy setup and access due to open walk-in work area

Modular Components for Single- and Double Spindle Machines

Modular Components
Modularer Baukasten

Configuration Example

Configuration example for a SVE-330-VL-Twin for the machining SCUDDING®, hobbing, deburring and chamfering.

The optional tool changer allows sequential machining with Scudding®as well as the integration of secondary processes such
as rotary chamfering and many others.


Profilator 300-V
the perfect machine platform for your gear cutting tasks and of course also for e-mobility

Scudding® of Stepped Gears

Machining of parallel gear profiles with undercut, both gears are
machinable with a double tool

Scudding® von Doppelrädern
Scudding® von Innenverzahnung

Scudding® of Internal Gears

Cost-efficient production of internal gears
with high flexibility

Chamfer Cutting

Chamfering of the entry and exit side by cutting in one setting with the Scudding®. Fast and precise chamfering process with minimal space requirement

Schneidendes Anfasen
Scudding® von Wellen

Scudding® of Shafts

Production of rotors, drives, and shafts