Shifter stop machining

Shifter stop machining is a continuous cutting process for the production of shifterstops on the internal gear of the sliding sleeves. Workpiece and tool axes are arranged in parallel. The two spindles rotate very precisely and torsion-proof at high speed in a fixed transmission ratio.

Two machining processes are used in practice depending on the quality requirement of the customer:

  • Hypocycloidal cutting process
  • Involute cutting process

Outstanding product quality

With hypocycloid cutting processes, the tool edge describes the path of a cycloid and cuts the tooth profile in this form and not involute. The disadvantage: Because the sliding sleeve is shifted with an involute tooth coupling, the tooth contact is only selectively available.

For this reason, Profilator offers the patented involute cutting process where the tool describes the path of an involute. Sliding sleeves and synchro cones can be precisely shifted and created so that an optimal transfer of the gear forces to the control gear takes place.