Advancement through technology

Profilator has developed machining concepts and machining processes which are exactly coordinated to the requirements of the customer. High precision, flexible production processes, short cycle times, low investment and operation costs.

Depending on the machining task, we combine the different machining modules for gear cutting, cycloidal cutting, pointing, shifterstops or deburring into an efficient customer solution. The freely programmable tool-workpiece-synchronisation offers the best possible flexibility.

Process Technologies

We offer different gear cutting processes for gear cutting with spline gears:

Depending on the gear cutting job and performance requirement of the customer, the most suitable process can be chosen from the available gear cutting processes – fly cutting with carbide inserts, hobbing, gear skiving and SCUDDING®.

Face gears
Different face gears can be cut on our machines with different gear cutting processes:

Clutch gears, sensor splines and Hirth gears are created with the cycloidal cutting process. The crown gear is done using SCUDDING®.


Special gears
To produce special gear forms in synchromesh and gearbox parts for trucks and cars, we offer machines for all required machining. 

Depending on the requirement, an optimal machine configuration can be put together for the customer using our modular systems shifterstops, pocket groove milling, pocket cutting and pointing. This ranges from the single spindle machine with the greatest flexibility to the double spindle machine with the shortest cycle time. 

Advantages of Modular Design


individual modification


different processes


processes run parallel


easy to maintain


operator and maintenance friendly