internal & external gears

Highly modern new development based on the traditional gear skiving: Profilator

has further developed 100-year-old gear skiving to the SCUDDING®  high performance gear cutting process with the help of innovative machining and the most modern tool technology.

SCUDDING®  is a continual gear cutting process which makes both the production of external and internal gears as well as spur and helical gearing possible.

As another great advantage, the SCUDDING®  technology allows the machining of internal or external gears/splines without the need of an undercut or groove. The end of the gear can be a defined / programmed ramp or radius.

“120,000 vs. 3,600 cuts

per minute”

Whereas with SCUDDING® , the material is machined with a milling cutter with 60 teeth and a speed of 2,000 rpm at 120,000 cuts per minute, with gear shaping and 1,800 double strokes, only 3,600 cuts are made per minute.

Added precision

The high number of cuts per time unit not only leads to a very short time cycle time, it has a very positive effect on the gears: high gear quality (DIN 5-7) and low surface roughness (Rz 1-5).

Efficiency increase

In contrast to the known gear cutting process gear shaping, SCUDDING®  is much quicker, more efficient and productive.